6 Best Harmonicas for Beginners 2020

Some would describe the harmonica as the ultimate portable instrument as it can be taken anywhere and it is capable of playing a wide array of songs – once you get the hang of it.

Like any other instrument, playing the harmonica needs to be studied in order to get to a high level of proficiency. If you are seeking to learn to play the harmonica, then it is worth bearing this in mind when buying one to ensure that you get the best beginner harmonica.

The best harmonica for beginners will include features that help with the learning process, such as step by step instructions for particular songs or details of how to suck and blow to produce particular notes.

Top 6 Harmonicas for Beginners Table

PictureNameMain MaterialPriceRating (1-5)
Main Material
Rating (1-5)
1. V-youth Tremolo Hole HarmonicaStainless Steel/Plastic$$5.0
2. Foraineam Diatonic Blues HarmonicaStainless Steel$5.0
3. Yodel Tremolo Hole HarmonicaStainless Steel/Plastic$$$$4.9
4. Flexzion 10 Holes HarmonicaMetal$$$4.7
5. HDE Silver Swan Copper$4.6
6. Chicago Blues KHCB-CStainless Steel$$$4.3

What to Expect from Harmonica for Beginners

  • Size. The size of a harmonica can vary and should be appropriate to the size of the player, as the hands also play a large part in playing a harmonica and they need to be able to hold and cup the instrument comfortably.
  • Style. While many instruments can appear to be carbon copies of each other, a harmonica is an instrument that allows you to demonstrate your own sense of style as the casing can comprise a wide range of different designs and even be formed of different shapes. Choose a harmonica style that matches your own and/or the style of music that you play to ensure personalization and that it is fitting.
  • Instructions. A beginners harmonica would be most useful if it comes with items that assist with learning how to play. Consider how you learn best, such as by reading or by following a DVD or online video, and check whether this option is offered.
  • Care Requirements. In order to ensure your harmonica has a long life, it will be necessary to maintain it in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The necessary steps for storage will also need to be taken into account as part of this process.

Top 3 Best Harmonica for Beginners Reviews

1. V-youth Tremolo Hole

The V-youth beginners harmonica is designed with the beginner in mind, and is specifically designed for children. Though the pink coloring is supposed to signify that it is suited to a girl, boys are just as likely to get a kick out of playing this harmonica if they are fans of the color.

In addition to being made from stainless steel, it also includes an element of high security plastic, which can give you the peace of mind to know that your children are not likely to be harmed when playing with this harmonica, and it can even be used by very young children.

Though it can be deemed a toy, it is a traditional style harmonica comprising 10 holes and is ready to be played straight out of the box. This makes it an ideal gift as there is no need for any assembly and the child can soon begin to develop a sense of achievement as they gain proficiency. It measures 10.5 x 2.8 x 2cm, which makes it a suitable size for small hands.

It comes in a dedicated clear box that it can be returned to for protection when it is not in use.

The V-youth Beginners is an ideal first harmonica for a child who wants to learn how to play the instrument.

2. Foraineam Diatonic Blues

The shiny silver surface of the Foraineam Diatonic harmonica makes it look like something special – almost like you want to keep it in the box so as not to spoil it.

It has a classic 10-hole design that means following any instructional material is easy.

The brass reed plays in the Major of C, though the casing is stainless steel.

The package includes a cloth to keep the harmonica clean and instructions to help with playing.

The Foraineam Diatonic is the best harmonica for beginners as it has been specially designed for this purpose and is also suitable for use by children.

3. Yodel Tremolo Hole

The Yodel Beginners Tremolo is ideal for children due to its size and the bright pink color of the storage box it comes in, which will immediately attract a child.

It only weighs 130g and measures approximately 10.4 x 2.8 x 2 cm, so it is ideal for slipping into a pocket or bag and taking on travels to keep a child occupied.

It has been designed with safety in mind, so it is of sturdy construction and durable even in the hands of a child.

The Yodel Beginners Tremolo is a great first harmonica that can help a child learn to play.

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