6 Best Keyboards for Beginners 2020

For anyone who wants to start tickling the ivories – or rather “tickle the plastic,” which is the case of a keyboard – what to look for and how much to spend are some of the first questions to ask.

What should the best keyboard for beginners do? What features should I look for? And the number of keys?

Below, we’ll help answer your basic questions and help you get started on your search for a keyboard. It’s not as overwhelming as it may seem. Keep reading and you’ll see why!

Things to Think About

Before you select a keyboard, here are a few things to consider.

  • Number of Keys. Unless you already have very specific goals in mind, a keyboard with 88 keys is ideal for those who start out on a keyboard but eventually want to switch to an acoustic piano.

Keyboards with fewer keys can create confusion later on if you decide to switch, however they are easier to learn and play on.

Just remember to consider your long-term goals as you choose a keyboard.

  • Keep It Simple. As a beginner, it’s best to stick with a keyboard that doesn’t overwhelm you with options.

Find something with the basic functions and then work your way up from there. Your first keyboard probably won’t be your last. You can always upgrade as your skills develop!

  • Benefits. If your intentions are to eventually play the acoustic piano, then a keyboard is an affordable place to start. It costs less than a standard piano, occupies less space and it’s easier to move around.

6 Best Beginner Keyboards Ultimate Table

PictureName# KeysPriceRating (1-5)
# Keys
Rating (1-5)
1. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Graded-Action USB Keyboard88$$$$4.5
2. Casio CTK2400 61- Key Portable Keyboard61$$4.5
3. Casio Inc. LK175 61-Key Lighted Key Personal Keyboard61$$4.4
4. M-Audio Keystation 88 II 88-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller88$$$4.1
5. Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard61$$4.1
6. Huntington KB54-100 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard 61$3.9

Beginner Tools

Pianos with built-in tools specifically designed for beginners are the most helpful.

The Yamaha YPG-235, number one on our list, is perfect for those who want the feel of a real acoustic piano with a little bit of extra help from the performance assistance technology.

Others, such as the Casio LK175 Keyboard (number three on our list) uses lighted keys to help you learn how to play.

Weighted Keys

Starting out on a keyboard with intentions to upgrade to an acoustic piano means that you need a keyboard with weighted keys.

Weighted keys have similar resistance and response to those of a real acoustic piano, helping build your hand strength and making the transition easier once you switch.

Number one on our list has weighted keys, and you can read more about it below.

Top 3 Best Keyboards for Beginners Reviews

1. Yamaha YPG535

This is definitely the best keyboard for beginners who would like a convenient and affordable options that gives them the authentic feel of an acoustic piano.

It comes with 30 built-in songs as well as an interactive lesson system to help you learn them. The Yamaha Education Suite breaks down the songs into their individual components and then reconstructs them once you have played them correctly. It has three keyboard lessons for each hand, lesson grading to monitor your progress and give you a grade after each one and it has a chord dictionary that will show you how to play chords.

It has USB connectivity, a 6-track recorder, optimal sound quality and it is easy to use.

This has all of the learning tools you need to begin learning the piano the right way.

2. Casio CTK2400

This beginner bundle is handy for the newbie and with all that you get in the set; it’s a pretty good deal for the beginner on a specific budget.

This compact keyboard offers you a range of 400 AHL tones, a built-in microphone and recorder along with a step-up learning system that will help you improve.

There are 400 keyboard voices, 150 rhythms and 110 songs, which gives you plenty of ways for you to learn.

3. Casio LK175

This Casio keyboard contains many of the useful features at the previous model.

Learning to play the piano is fun and easy with the step-up lesson system and lighted keys that help you navigate it like a pro. You’ll also enjoy the same 400 tones, 150 rhythms and 110 songs of the previous keyboard, but this doesn’t come with a stand or books.

This is great to help you learn the basics before you upgrade to an 88-key keyboard or acoustic piano.

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