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10 Best Digital Pianos 2018

Whilst it may be a dream for many a musician to have a full sized piano in their home, this may not be practical for many people not only from the point of view of the size but also the cost. An effective alternative can be achieved

6 Best Keyboards for Beginners 2018

For anyone who wants to start tickling the ivories – or rather “tickle the plastic,” which is the case of a keyboard – what to look for and how much to spend are some of the first questions to ask. What should the best keyboard for beginners

6 Best Synthesizers 2018

With the increased use of electronic equipment to help create music and songs, a synthesizer can be more relevant. The best synthesizer offers the benefit of being able to create electronic signals to enhance and create sounds. In turn, this will enable you to adjust notes and

6 Best Pianos for Beginners 2018

It is so important for new pianists to learn how to play the piano on a well-made instrument. While a professional player may be able to handle an out-of-tune piano in a more professional manner, a beginner is more likely to get frustrated by the instruments shortcoming

10 Best Midi Keyboards 2018

MIDI – which stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface – is an interface that transmits information (such as the velocity, volume and panning of your performance) to another device. In other words, it allows electronic musical instruments, computers and other similar devices to be able to communicate

Best Digital Piano Under $1000 of 2018

Whether you want to tickle the ivories in your apartment without disturbing the neighbors or find a more budget-friendly option to the standard acoustic piano, a digital piano is the solution. Below, we compare and contrast models in order to help you find the best digital piano