6 Best Drum Sets 2020

Any performer will tell you that without a drum set, and a good one for that matter, a good performance is not possible. Drum sets create the beat of your entire performance and without them your performance is flat and dull.

This makes drum sets a great investment for every musician. With all the options in the market when it comes to drum sets finding the right set becomes really difficult.

This compounded to the fact that drum sets are expensive equipment means that you risk throwing away your cash should you buy a drum set that is not suitable to you and the type of music that you produce.

We have therefore compiled the following guide that will help you find the right drum set and hardware.

Let’s now have a look at our comprehensive guide of the best drum sets.

What to Consider When Choosing

  • A Complete Drum Set vs a Shell Pack. A complete set usually contains all the hardware material that you need for a performance while a shell pack consists of the drums themselves with no additional hardware.

The complete pack is a little bit expensive. If you already possess the additional hardware, go ahead and buy the shell pack and save yourself a few bucks.

  • Junior vs Full-Sized Drum Set. Junior drum sets are specifically sized for kids and they contain all the outfits to launch a young drummer’s career. Aspiring drummers should start off with junior drum sets before transitioning to full-sized drum sets.

Top 6 Drum Sets Table

PictureNamePreferred UserPriceRating (1-5)
Preferred User
Rating (1-5)
1. Alesis Nitro KitAdults$$$4.7
2. Mendini by Cecilio MJDS-1-BLChildren and young adults$$4.5
3. VTech KidiBeatsChildren$4.3
4. Gammon Percussion Full SizeAdults$$$4.3
5. Pearl RS525SCC706 RoadshowAdults$$$$4.3
6. Best Choice Products Drum Sets-1263Adults$$$4.0

Parts of a Drum Set

The components that make up the drum set include the bass drum, the snare drum, a floor tom and one or more mounted toms.  Other essential components such as the cymbals and drum hardware such as the bass drum pedal, the snare stand and the hi-hat stand make up a contemporary drum set.

Each of these parts play an essential role in your performance. They complement each other effectively the result of which is timeless performances every time you play.

The bass drum is the foundation of every drum set. It is basically the heartbeat of every song and it sets about the pulse of the entire performance.

Snare drums produce crisp and snappy sounds that cut through any music mix. Cymbals add a complex and unique sound that compliments every performance.

Top 3 Best Drum Set Reviews

1. Alesis

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set with 8″ Snare, 8″ Toms, and 10″ Cymbals is by far the best drum set in the market.

This 8 piece electronic drum set contains dynamic and comfortable pads for a great feel and response.

It feature three 10 inch cymbals and a crash with choke for an unlimited range of playing expression.

Its aluminum mounting rack keeps everything in place and you are therefore able to play like a pro.

2. Mendini

Mendini by Cecilio Metallic Blue 13 Inch 3-Piece Junior Drum Set, MJDS-1-BL is a junior drum set with everything that you need to play drums effectively.

Its smaller size and genuine hardwood shells make it great for young aspiring drummers. The drums and cymbal are positioned above the bass drum for easy set up and playability.

It takes up occupies a small space and this makes it ideal for those with minimal space on their houses.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great drum set at an affordable price.

3. KidiBeats

If your child seems fascinated by drums then you should definitely get them VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set.

With three drums pads and a cymbal, this drum set is the best learning toy that you can get your gifted child.

Your baby can play along to 9 different melodies in styles such as rock, pop and dance.

It has two drum sticks and this way your child feels like a real drummer. It comes in bright colors and your child will fall in love with this drum set the minute they lay their hands on it.

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