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10 Best Alto Saxophones 2020

Smooth, sophisticated, and oh so sexy, the saxophone is one of the most played wind instruments in the market. So whether you’re hoping to learn how to play one or looking for an upgrade, you can expect there to be a lot of different sax choices on

10 Best USB Audio Interfaces 2020

These days, computers play a large role in music production. Different software makes it possible for people to fine tune musical compositions from the comfort of their computer screens. The results are mainstream-worthy musical pieces that are clean, crisp, and high quality. To be able to manipulate

10 Best DJ Mixers 2020

At the heart of every DJ’s setup is the mixer, making it one of the most crucial pieces of gear you can own. It’s true that rapid technological advances have created multiple benefits in terms of mixer capability and performance. What is also true is that those

6 Best Banjos 2020

The banjo is one of America’s classical and most essential musical instrument. It has been used for ages to produce timeless music that has entertained and inspired us. Its articulate tone is easy to produce and its persuasive rhythms will add drive and bounce to different music

10 Best Harmonicas 2020

Harmonicas aren’t the first instrument that comes to mind that people tend to get excited over. That usually goes to guitars and the rock gods that play that. However, if you happen to be more of a blues fan, then you’ve come to the right place. One

6 Best Blues Harmonicas 2020

Whether you “got the blues” or you want to play the blues, the right harmonica is crucial to this soulful genre of music. In order to play like legends such as John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson, Jason Ricci, DeFord Baily or Lee Oskar, you’ll have to start

6 Best Clarinets 2020

What is the best clarinet, you ask? It depends on who’s looking! For a novice, intermediate and professional player, the criteria and price range will be completely different, which is exactly why we have included a mixture of all of them on our list below. Find out

6 Best Trumpets 2020

Looking for a trumpet to play? Even Louis Armstrong had to start somewhere! Below, we’ll help you find the best trumpet and offer you some tips and info that will help you decide which one will fit your budget and meet your quality expectations. If you’re new

6 Best Harmonicas for Beginners 2020

Some would describe the harmonica as the ultimate portable instrument as it can be taken anywhere and it is capable of playing a wide array of songs – once you get the hang of it. Like any other instrument, playing the harmonica needs to be studied in

10 Best DJ Controllers 2020

DJ controllers have revolutionized the music-making scene across the globe. In the past, deejaying involved scratching a record or a mixtape on a turntable. Mastering this art was tedious and the results were not always impressive. But we live in a digital era where such methods are