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6 Best Condenser Mics 2020

Condenser mics are very useful to a variety of artists and musicians, so whether you’re recording vocals, classical music at a concert hall or a transmitting a podcast live from your bedroom, we help you find the best condenser mic without breaking the bank. Take This into

6 Best Cheap Microphones 2020

A microphone can be used in a number of different ways – such as at a gig or with recording equipment in a studio – to enable you to clearly record sounds, vocals and music, as well as being able to amplify them. However, as it will

6 Best Drum Mics 2020

Drums alone sound awesome, but if you really want them to shine, you need the right microphones to help you project the sound in the right way to your audience. Below, we show you some of the best drum mics and offer you a few tips that

10 Best Microphones for Recording 2020

Microphones for recording vocals are available in different shapes and sizes. Their retail prices vary as well and without the right information, you may find yourself buying an overpriced microphone that is of poor quality. A good microphone for recording vocals is that which captures the feelings

6 Best Studio Microphones 2020

Building and setting up a studio is no easy task and how well you set it up will determine the quality of the final output (in this case, music). A good microphone is one of the key components to a studio. Whether you are operating a home

10 Best Vocal Mics 2020

No matter how talented you are as a singer, the microphone you sing into can either make or break your chance to prove to the audience that you’ve got what it takes. Based on where you perform and the genre of music you sing (rap, classical, rock,

10 Best USB Microphones 2020

For those who need a great plug-and-play microphone, the USB mic is the way to go. Forget the preamps; forget the additional hardware and cables. This is just the type of solution that many people need, ranging from podcasters to singers with an in-home studio. Have a