6 Best Cheap Microphones 2020

A microphone can be used in a number of different ways – such as at a gig or with recording equipment in a studio – to enable you to clearly record sounds, vocals and music, as well as being able to amplify them.

However, as it will often be used with other equipment, the cost of it all together can quickly build up.

By getting the best cheap microphone, you will be able to stay within a budget and still be able to record or perform as desired.

Top 6 Affordable Microphones Table

PictureNameMain applicationPriceRating (1-5)
Main application
Rating (1-5)
1. Shure 565SD-LC MicrophoneStage; studio$$4.8
2. Artempo Microphone and Tripod KitComputing; studio$4.6
3. Heil Sound PR 22 Noise-RejectionStage$$$4.5
4. Audix D4 DynamicStage; studio$$$$4.4
5. Griffin Stands Dynamic VocalStage$$$4.3
6. AKG D112 Large-DiaphragmStage; studio$$$$4.1

Features of Good Affordable Microphones

  • Connector. Check the connection used by the microphone, such as a jack or USB, to determine whether it will be compatible with your existing equipment.
  • Cordless or Corded. If you intend to move about whilst using the microphone, a cordless microphone may prove handy. However, if it is attached to a cord, check the length of it to help decide whether it is right for your intended purpose.
  • Size. The size of the microphone is important and should be considered in accordance with its intended use. For example, a microphone that is required for a gig will need to have a suitable stem that will enable it to be held or for it to be used with a stand, whereas this may not be suitable for use with some computer equipment or if something more discreet is required.
  • Compatibility. Check what items of equipment that the microphone is compatible with to ensure that you will be able to use it to achieve a clear sound.
  • Stand. Whether it is required alongside a PC or for standing in stage, a stand will often be required. Check whether this is included as part of the package and the type that is offered.
  • Range. The distance at which the microphone is capable of picking up sound will be a major factor in how beneficial it will be for the required task.

Top 3 Best Cheap Microphone Reviews

1. Shure 565SD-LC

The Shure 565SD -LC microphone looks like the traditional type that you would expect to see a performer holding on stage in order to make themselves heard. However, this is not the only use it can be put to as it is quite versatile as it would also work well in a studio.

It is cable-free so it is easy to use in a range of different locations, but this ability does not cause it to lose any ability.

The simple switch operation uses a silent magnetic reed and has the ability to lock in the on position.

The Shure 565SD-LC is a high quality microphone that works on a dual-impedance basis at a rate of 150 ohms. It is capable of an output level on the low scale of -58.0 dB and on the high scale at -35.0 dB.

It benefits from a Polar Pattern so it is capable of picking up sounds from all directions, and has an effective ‘pop’ filter.

The Shure 565SD-LC is the best cheap microphone as it is capable of everything a more expensive version can do.

2. Artempo Professional

The Artempo microphone comes with a tripod that means it is easy to slip the microphone into the stand and position it in the required location where it will be most useful without needing to hold onto it. This makes it ideal for use alongside a PC or in a small studio.

It is ideal for use for a range of applications that would take place on a domestic basis, such as gaming or Skype, as it does not need any technical ability to use it. After plugging it in, it can be used straight away.

The package comes with a USB cable and it has a 3.5 jack, so it is ready to go.

The result of the in-built reverb and echo functions are enhanced by the anti-wind foam cover.

The Artempo microphone is ideal for those that require a versatile mic.

3. Heil Sound PR 22

The Heil Sound PR22 Noise Rejection microphone looks like what you would expect a classic mic to look like – black stem with a silver mesh head.

It uses a Sorbothane isolation system that is unique to Heil, which isolates the required sound and removes the unwanted sound.

It comes with its own carry case, a foam anti-wind cover and a mic clip.

The Heil Sound PR22 Noise Rejection microphone is ideal for those who want quality from a brand that can be trusted to utilize their expertise to develop a great microphone.

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