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10 Best Electronic Drum Sets 2017

Are you searching for the best electronic drum set to get your creative juices flowing? There are plenty to choose from, so checking out solid reviews is a smart approach. We’ve whittled down the extensive selection to ten worthy products. Our guide also includes detailed reviews of

10 Best Portable Turntables 2017

Looking for a portable turntable? It will definitely make your vinyl collection (and listening pleasure) more mobile. There are, however, several options to consider, since the best portable turntable for you, might not be your good buddy’s model. Just like your records, your choice of player is

6 Best Violins 2017

There are many spheres in which people can become accomplished, such as in academia or sport, which can automatically exclude many who do not have the necessary skill. However, those people that do want to be proficient in something may find that playing an instrument is a

6 Best Double Bass Pedals 2017

The basis of many a song will often be the beat and this helps to maintain the timing. If other instruments do not maintain the beat of the bass, the timing will be wrong and it will throw off the whole song. This makes the drummer a

10 Best Digital Pianos 2017

Whilst it may be a dream for many a musician to have a full sized piano in their home, this may not be practical for many people not only from the point of view of the size but also the cost. An effective alternative can be achieved

6 Best Drum Sets 2017

Any performer will tell you that without a drum set, and a good one for that matter, a good performance is not possible. Drum sets create the beat of your entire performance and without them your performance is flat and dull. This makes drum sets a great

6 Best Condenser Mics 2017

Condenser mics are very useful to a variety of artists and musicians, so whether you’re recording vocals, classical music at a concert hall or a transmitting a podcast live from your bedroom, we help you find the best condenser mic without breaking the bank. Take This into

6 Best Ukulele Strings 2017

A common misconception for new ukulele players is that there is a standard set of strings for all ukuleles. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Below, we help you understand which are the best ukulele strings for the different types of ukuleles.  Don’t get stuck on the

6 Best Banjos 2017

The banjo is one of America’s classical and most essential musical instrument. It has been used for ages to produce timeless music that has entertained and inspired us. Its articulate tone is easy to produce and its persuasive rhythms will add drive and bounce to different music

6 Best Cheap Microphones 2017

A microphone can be used in a number of different ways – such as at a gig or with recording equipment in a studio – to enable you to clearly record sounds, vocals and music, as well as being able to amplify them. However, as it will