6 Best Double Bass Pedals 2020

The basis of many a song will often be the beat and this helps to maintain the timing. If other instruments do not maintain the beat of the bass, the timing will be wrong and it will throw off the whole song.

This makes the drummer a highly important member of a group as they will need to keep time and will be followed by all the other members, which means they need the right equipment.

Whether you are in a band, or just enjoy playing the drums at home, the best double bass pedal will help ensure that you can play songs correctly.

Top 6 Double Bass Pedals Table

PictureNameAdjustablePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. DW 9000 Series Bass Drum PedalYes$$$4.8
2. Gibraltar 9711G-DB G-ClassYes$$4.7
3. Ludwig Atlas Pro Double Pedal Yes$$4.6
4. Trick Drums Pro 1-VYes$$$$4.6
5. Tama Speed Cobra Yes$$$4.3
6. Mapex Armory Series Yes$4.1

Benefits of the Best Double Bass Pedal

  • Adjustable. People come in all different shapes and sizes so this will have a bearing on the size that the pedals need to be in order to be able to be used efficiently.
  • Brand. If you already use a drum kit by a particular brand, you may be more inclined to use a double bass pedal from the same brand.
  • Coated Beater. The lengths of the arm will determine at what point the drum is hit so will determine the sound that will be produced.
  • Carry Case. In many cases, a double bass pedal will need to be transported from one place to another as part of a drummer’s kit, which will mean that it needs to be portable. In this situation, a carry case included as part of the package will be useful.
  • Easily Adjustable. Being able to use a double bass pedal comfortably is essential to be able to play well, which can mean that it needs to be adjusted to the size of the user. Consider whether this will be able to be achieved by a layperson and whether there are sufficient instructions to enable this to be carried out.
  • Non-Slip. A non-slip pad will help to ensure that the double bass led is easier to use as the feet will be less likely to slip off and cause a beat to be missed.

Top 3 Double Bass Pedals Reviews

1. DW 9000 Series

The DW 9000 Series DWCP9002 is an upgraded version of what the brand has previously offered, so it is ideal for those who have previously used their pedals.

It uses Infinity Adjustable Cam technology which means that allows for precision when setting it up.

It has an EZ Adjust Cam that allows for adjustments to be made easily to switch between different sprockets.

The two pedals of the DW 9000 Series DWCP9002 comprise a non-slip rubber base plate that helps to ensure the foot and the pedal stays in place while it is being used.

The DW 9000 Series DWCP9002 is an upgraded version of a quality double bass pedal that will satisfy many a drummer.

2. Gibraltar G-Class

The Gibraltar 9711G-DB G-Class is a double bass pedal that provides a significant amount of power while still looking good.

The hi-performance beater makes it easy to make a precise sound as the movement is precise.

The spring tension adjusting ability is easy to operate and ensures that the player can tailor the pedal so that it is perfect for their style.

Dual adjustment is possible with the G-Drive can, which allows for accuracy when playing the bass.

The pillar frames are sculpted and strong as is the die-cast foundation plate, which creates a solid double bass pedal.

It also comes with its own carry case so that it is easy to transport and can be kept safe.

The Gibraltar 9711G-DB G-Class is the best double bass pedal to be able to keep a precise beat.

3. Ludwig Atlas

The Ludwig Atlas Pro double bass pedal is made from aluminum – including the cam and beater clamp – which makes it lightweight for what it is capable of.

The tri-felt beater has a stainless steel drive shaft, which makes it strong and capable of withstanding significant treatment.

It uses a Monarch dual-chain that offers the option of using a long chain or a short chain.

The connectors are secure and the heel plate is anchored in place using Spur Lok technology.

The Ludwig Atlas Pro includes an Atlas drum key on the base plate along with the storage clip.

The bronze sleeve bearings require little maintenance and help to ensure that the pedal will last a significant length of time.

The Ludwig Atlas Pro is excellent for those that want an easy to use double bass pedal that can take care of itself.

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