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10 Best Alto Saxophones 2020

Smooth, sophisticated, and oh so sexy, the saxophone is one of the most played wind instruments in the market. So whether you’re hoping to learn how to play one or looking for an upgrade, you can expect there to be a lot of different sax choices on

10 Best MIDI Controllers for Logic 2020

Apple’s Logic music production software has become a revolutionary tool for contemporary artists. Allowing users to create music without the need for physical musical instruments, Logic is any modern musician’s dream come true. Of course, while the Logic can generate high quality audio without instruments, it needs

10 Best USB Audio Interfaces 2020

These days, computers play a large role in music production. Different software makes it possible for people to fine tune musical compositions from the comfort of their computer screens. The results are mainstream-worthy musical pieces that are clean, crisp, and high quality. To be able to manipulate

10 Best Electronic Drum Sets 2020

Are you searching for the best electronic drum set to get your creative juices flowing? There are plenty to choose from, so checking out solid reviews is a smart approach. We’ve whittled down the extensive selection to ten worthy products. Our guide also includes detailed reviews of

10 Best Weighted Keyboards 2020

Keyboards are a useful tool that can allow you to practice your technique when a full sized piano is not available, but some models are better than others are. Those who want to experience the most authentic feel while playing opt for one with weighted keys, which

10 Best Portable Turntables 2020

Looking for a portable turntable? It will definitely make your vinyl collection (and listening pleasure) more mobile. There are, however, several options to consider, since the best portable turntable for you, might not be your good buddy’s model. Just like your records, your choice of player is

10 Best DJ Mixers 2020

At the heart of every DJ’s setup is the mixer, making it one of the most crucial pieces of gear you can own. It’s true that rapid technological advances have created multiple benefits in terms of mixer capability and performance. What is also true is that those

10 Best Violin Strings 2020

Before you purchase just any old strings for your violin, you need to understand the basics so you end up choosing the right ones. A decent violin string should be a balance between good value and beautiful sound. Not all strings are built equally! Are you a

6 Best Violins 2020

There are many spheres in which people can become accomplished, such as in academia or sport, which can automatically exclude many who do not have the necessary skill. However, those people that do want to be proficient in something may find that playing an instrument is a

6 Best Double Bass Pedals 2020

The basis of many a song will often be the beat and this helps to maintain the timing. If other instruments do not maintain the beat of the bass, the timing will be wrong and it will throw off the whole song. This makes the drummer a