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6 Best Blues Harmonicas 2020

Whether you “got the blues” or you want to play the blues, the right harmonica is crucial to this soulful genre of music. In order to play like legends such as John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson, Jason Ricci, DeFord Baily or Lee Oskar, you’ll have to start

6 Best Keyboards for Beginners 2020

For anyone who wants to start tickling the ivories – or rather “tickle the plastic,” which is the case of a keyboard – what to look for and how much to spend are some of the first questions to ask. What should the best keyboard for beginners

6 Best Synthesizers 2020

With the increased use of electronic equipment to help create music and songs, a synthesizer can be more relevant. The best synthesizer offers the benefit of being able to create electronic signals to enhance and create sounds. In turn, this will enable you to adjust notes and

Best Turntable Under $500 of 2020

Turntables are still a sought after item even with all of the fancy, modern gadgets we have out there today. If you’re on the lookout for a new one, or if this is your first time buying one, then the price will probably play the most important

6 Best Tenor Ukuleles 2020

At first glance, many would deem a tenor ukulele a ‘mini guitar’ and assume that it can make the same type of sound and could be played in the same way. However, while some of these points may be true, a tenor ukulele is an instrument all

10 Best Microphones for Recording 2020

Microphones for recording vocals are available in different shapes and sizes. Their retail prices vary as well and without the right information, you may find yourself buying an overpriced microphone that is of poor quality. A good microphone for recording vocals is that which captures the feelings

6 Best Studio Microphones 2020

Building and setting up a studio is no easy task and how well you set it up will determine the quality of the final output (in this case, music). A good microphone is one of the key components to a studio. Whether you are operating a home

10 Best Ukuleles 2020

The ukulele is one of the world’s most likeable musical instruments. With just four strings the uke, as it is commonly referred to as, is easy to learn and play. In the past, the ukulele was viewed as a toy; something for the kids to play with.

6 Best Electric Violins 2020

While the original “manual” violin is undeniably the most popular one, fusion artists or those who are looking to add a modern touch to this classic violin opt for an electric one. It may not be the most classic choice on the market, but it is a

6 Best Pianos for Beginners 2020

It is so important for new pianists to learn how to play the piano on a well-made instrument. While a professional player may be able to handle an out-of-tune piano in a more professional manner, a beginner is more likely to get frustrated by the instruments shortcoming