6 Best Trumpets 2020

Looking for a trumpet to play? Even Louis Armstrong had to start somewhere!

Below, we’ll help you find the best trumpet and offer you some tips and info that will help you decide which one will fit your budget and meet your quality expectations.

If you’re new to the trumpet world or would like to replace the trumpet that you currently have, then you’re in the right place!

What to Consider

Here are a few things to consider as you search for a trumpet:

  • Price. $100 is the minimum if you want to buy something decent.

As the quality goes up, so does the price tag. A professional trumpet costs anywhere from five grand and up, but we won’t be highlighting any of those below.

We have some great solutions for the beginner to intermediate players that are quite affordable and easy to learn on.

  • Skill Level. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a beginner or a student (welcome!)

For the novice, it’s best to stick with a Bb trumpet. You can find Bb trumpets that are designed for students (both beginner and intermediate), intermediate and professional players.

A Bb trumpet for a professional player can cost thousands, so we’ll highlight the more affordable options below.

Top 6 Trumpets Ultimate Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. Jean Paul USA TR-330 Trumpet, Standard, Bb$$$4.7
2. Mendini by Cecilio MTT-N Trumpet, Silver, Bb$4.7
3. Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet$$4.3
4. Etude ETR-100 Series Student Bb Trumpet Lacquer$$4.4
5. Legacy Silver Plated Intermediate Trumpet TR750S with Deluxe Convertible Case and 2 Year Warranty$$$$4.2
6. Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet$4.0

Trumpet Types

Trumpets come in different keys, including: F, Bb, C, D, Eb, E, F, G and A. Bb is the most commonly played trumpet, but there are several other trumpet styles and relatives that you might be interested in playing, including:

  • Pocket Trumpet
  • Piccolo Trumpet
  • Bugle
  • Flugelhorn
  • Cornet
  • Slid Trumpets
  • Herald Trumpets

That’s a lot of trumpets!

Check out number six on our list below if you’re interested in the pocket trumpet. They are smaller and a bit more difficult to play, but if you’re up for a good challenge, it’s a fun little instrument!

What to Look For

As you shop, here are the most important features that you should pay attention to (in terms of quality):

  • Intonation
  • Sound

The trumpet should also be easy to handle, the valves should move smoothly and the slides should close completely.

While most trumpets should already have the mouthpiece included, this may not be the case if you are buying a used one. Make sure that is has all of the necessary parts and pieces before you buy!

Top 3 Best Trumpet Reviews

1. Jean Paul USA TR-330

When you’re looking for the best trumpet in terms of quality and price, the Jean Paul TR-330 is a solid, affordable piece.

It’s a Bb key trumpet made from Rose brass with a yellow brass bell, the valves are stainless steel and the lead pipe has a standard taper.

The first valve has a thumb saddle while the third valve has an adjustable ring with slide stop making it user-friendly, and you can play a wide variety of music styles.

It comes with all the important tools you’ll need as you play (case, valve oil, gloves, cleaning cloth and mouthpiece).

Beginners have the opportunity to learn on a quality instrument without paying too much by choosing this trumpet.

2. Mendini by Cecilio MTT-N

If you’re looking for a better deal and still want something decent to play on, check out the MTT-N trumpet by Cecilio.

One of the appeals of this trumpet is the variety of colors that it comes in, and while that has nothing to do with sound quality, it does make for a unique addition to any band!

It features a smooth phosphorous copper lead mouth pipe, three mother of pearl inlayed keys and smooth valves.

It is great as an entry-level instrument, especially if the trumpet player who will use it isn’t quite sure if this is the instrument that they want to play.

3. Etude ETR-100 Series

Third is the Etude ETR-100 Bb student trumpet, and we must say that it’s quite a bargain for the level of quality that you get in this price range.

Like our number one choice, it has a first valve thumb saddle and an adjustable third valve finger ring, which makes it easy to adjust intonation and is more comfortable to play.

This yellow brass trumpet features a gold brass windpipe (so higher copper content) which making it more durable, it has Monel pistons (also durable) and secure bracing.

Another great find for those who are new to the trumpet world!

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