6 Best Drum Thrones 2020

It’s time to turn that wooden stool that you’ve been sitting on into firewood and get yourself a real throne to sit on.

As you are search for the best drum throne, there are a few things to think about. Our handy list below will help you compare and contrast the seats that thousands of backsides enjoy sitting on as they the body attached to them jams away.

What to Look at as You Shop

During your search for the best drum throne, there are a few things you should look for:

  • Seat Height. The seat you choose should have a locking position so that it won’t move once you’ve set it to the right place. While this is standard criteria on real drum thrones, we figure it’s worth mentioning. Don’t settle for the makeshift seat; get something that is designed specifically for a drummer’s needs!

If your legs are working overtime, then you’ve probably got the seat too low. If you have a lot of back and neck pain, then it’s probably sitting too high. Adjust accordingly!

  • Comfort. Your backside may not move from the seat for hours at a time, so as you hunt for the right throne, make sure it has plenty of padding to offer your cheeks the comfort they deserve!
  • Feet. The minimum for any good drum throne is to have feet with treads on them so they grip the surface their resting on. This is especially important on those slippery surfaces (garage floors, etc.).

Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that the throne is crap because the feet wear down. If you use it often, this can occur on any good seat, so you can check into buying replacement rubber treads instead of buying a new chair. The cheaper (and better) solution!

  • Seat Shape. Some seats are round and some seats are bicycle shape. There are pros and cons to both.

Some drummers find that the bicycle seat, while more comfortable for posture, doesn’t provide enough leg support.

Others feel that the round seats support the legs well, but aren’t as comfortable.

Try some out before you buy to see which style works best for you.

Top 6 Drum Thrones Complete Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
Rating (1-5)
1. ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black$$$$4.7
2. Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne$$$4.5
3. Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series Drum Throne$$$4.4
4. Mapex Double Brace Round top Drum Throne$$4.4
5. Cannon UP197 Drum Throne$$4.1
6. Sound Percussion SP770DT Medium Weight Drum Throne$

Drum Throne’s First Use

Baby’s first smile, baby’s first tooth, baby’s first steps…drum throne’s first use. You know how it is!

Once you’ve chosen a drum throne, it’s time to put it into action and once you’ve got it set up in front of your drums, the first thing you’ll want to do is select the height based on where your lead drum is located.

Top 3 Best Drum Throne Reviews

1. Roc-N-Soc

The comfort of a drum throne with the convenience of an office chair. We love that the Roc-N-Soc has a nitrogen gas shock absorber with handy lever to quickly and effortlessly adjust the height.

The seat has a comfortable bicycle design that reduces leg fatigue and back aches.

While it is more expensive than most other drum thrones, it’s totally worth the investment.

If you don’t buy it, you may regret it one day. It’s the best drum throne you’ll find.

2. Gibraltar 6608

Gibraltar makes a great throne that’ss about half the cost of the Roc-N-Soc and it’s still a great seat. It is also bicycle style made with top-grade foam. You can adjust the height from between 18-24 inches and it will lock into place when you find the sweet spot.

This is great for the big guys (and gals) or the little guys (and gals)! User friendly for all heights and weights! A solid seat that’s worth the investment.

3. Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series

For those who prefer a standard round seat, Pacific Drums has this great little throne that doesn’t require a huge investment. If you’re just starting out on the drums, then this is the way to go.

It has a thickly padded seat, double-braced legs and non-skid rubber feet that offer excellent grip on any type of surface. It’s easy to fold down and store when you don’t need it, and even makes a great gaming stool.

The foam on this one is pretty firm, which is good for some and uncomfortable for others. If you like softer surfaces this may not be the right one for you, but if you want an affordable, round seat with firm padding, go for it.

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